High-grade single-side metallic colored pearlescent
High-grade single-sided metal color pearlescent [ product specifications ] : 135G, 160G, 230G, flat specifications: positive/large, large quantity can be set special specifications, roll width: 889mm, 787mm [ usage ] : suitable for tobacco, wine, tea packing gift box, business gift box, cosmetic set box, watch box, jewelry box, perfume box, all kinds of gift box, etc. . [ product features ] : 30 + Metal Mirror Color + unlimited color, plane, texture collocation effect, three grams to meet the need for no process packaging. 1. Special-purpose high tensile base paper, all environmental protection water-based coating, good color permeability. 2. With excellent resistance to friction, scratch, color and other properties, something 3. Metal particles, such as mirror color changes, fashion cool, and pure color.
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