Colored pit paper

The most important use of pit paper is the outer packaging, due to the prosperity of printing technology, pit paper also has a variety of styles. Today, it is not only the role of external packaging, packaging or paper products also come in handy. First by the seemingly the same, but the original have different pits to start. In the early stage of pit pattern, only a shape has high bearing capacity, but more materials are used, so B and C shapes are developed under different demands? Shorter, smaller bearing capacity, but less material. And c-shaped pit like A-wide, but shorter than b-shaped, C pit paper than A, B pit paper thin. The e-hole began to be popular more than a decade ago, f-hole a few years ago, and G-hole in 2014-2015. (there are now a, B, C, E, F, G, H, but no D-hole.) , because the box has not been purely for the maintenance of products, it is more as a decoration, publicity and other roles. E, F, G pit differences are more fine pits, maintenance and do not feel rough, on some boxes to be in the pit paper on the practice of mounting ash card is to reduce costs. For example, fine pits with a thinner powder ash card is not easy to show pits, which can reduce costs. Now see in cosmetics, mobile phones and other high-end consumer goods packaging.

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